Tron Flat Packed Disposable Travel Potty 3 Pack
Tron Flat Packed Disposable Travel Potty
Tron flat packed potty - 3 Pack
Tron Flat Packed Disposable Travel Potty
Tron Flat Packed Disposable Travel Potty
Tron Flat Packed Disposable Travel Potty

Tron flat packed potty - 3 Pack

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Tron solves the problem when a toilet is not available or is unhygienic

The Tron travel potty solves the very real problem of not being able to find a toilet when your little one decides they really must go! The Tron potty is packed flat and measures a tiny 9cm x 16cm x 3cm thick, and weighs just 60g. It will easily fit into a bag or even your pocket, ready for use wherever your little one needs it. When required, unfold the potty, use it, then fold it back up again ready for disposal.

Made from eco-friendly biodegradable cardboard, the potty is designed for convenient use when emergencies occur. Why not keep a couple in your nappy bag or the car as a back-up?

Why bother carrying a bulky portable potty and then struggle to fit the plastic liner? The Tron potty can be unfolded and ready for use in seconds, and is easy to close up ready for disposal. What could be easier?

Tested to take the weight of a 30kg child, the Tron potty contains a biodegradable super absorbent pad capable of absorbing up to 250ml of liquid in 30 seconds to reduce the risk of leaks, and which also reduces odours. The innovative design means the potty virtually seals in any contents once re-folded, and includes built-in handles to reduce contact with the used potty.

Tron is a wonderful tool for effective potty training. Your child can keep up toilet training wherever and whenever needed.

Tron can be used when travelling, during outdoor events, at the beach, when camping or shopping, or just about anywhere away from home.

  • So light at just 60g - Tron fits easily in a bag, purse or pocket
  • Comes flat-packed and measures just 16cm x 9cm x 3cm
  • Super-absorbent, biodegradable liner

  • Eco-friendly biodegradable cardboard

  • Opens in seconds ready for use
  • Closes easily and odour-free and seals in contents until disposal

  • Potty training can be done easily and conveniently

  • Suitable for up to 30 kg and ages 1-6
  • Three individually wrapped single-use Tron potties

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